Every journey begins with its first step, and for this blog that means its first post.

For me, the foundation of what would become this journey started many months ago, when i began to share my passion for reading more vocally than usual. What caused this change i know not for certain. I have occasionally pondered about this, and while maturely it would be nice to think that perhaps a book i read had such a profound impact on me, that i felt i must share the journey i had in its pages with everyone. But i can not for the life of me recall such a specific book around that time. Though considering my adventures and what was happening in my life at that time i strongly feel it was most likely because of a women i met (is not most changes in a man a result of a woman?)

Being transferred to a new workplace and having to begin the fun of building new connections and friendships i made it known to them quite early on that i very much enjoy reading. It is who i am, why hide it? I initially was quite surprised by the positive reception received by these new friends and work colleagues. As i spoke more about what i was reading at the time i found them too sharing what they were reading and some who had not read in years (or ever) begin to pick up books and thus a defacto book-club was born.

Between the pressures of work and personal life it became harder to share and talk about what i was reading with these colleagues face to face. So i was determined to find a better outlet to share my experiences.  As the conversing about books grew i took to social media to share what i was doing and this is where things became interesting.

Books are such benign things, they have no will or desire they are simply a means for an author to share knowledge whether it be a topic they have studied or a world they have made up and yet for some reason the concept of reading still comes off as negative, in the sense that it is nerdy, childlike or laughable. (perhaps that is merely because of the maturity level of those persons) I was indeed surprised to find that many of the people who laughed and mocked at reading were in fact teachers, does this not conflict with the sole purpose of a teacher (to pass on knowledge) and perhaps this goes to show the real issues with education systems these days but i digress that is a talk for another time. So with regular social media outlets not capable of fulfilling my needs in this regard, i begun a search for a suitable medium which has now led us to here.

When i first started this idea, it made me think back to just how much reading i have done. Since moving back to Sydney in 2012, i have probably consumed about 50 books which is a rather low number.  It wouldn’t exactly be interesting if i was only reading a book a month, so i thought why not up the ante and make a challenge out of it. Why not double that number! but do it in just 52 weeks. So my reading Odyssey was born 100 books in 1 year. This blog will be a tool for me to share what i read in my journey to 100,  simply for the purpose of having fun and sharing a story. Over its course we will see the scope of my literature tastes. From fiction to non-fiction. Mysteries,Thrillers, Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Crime, the occasion biography. Almost anything (bar romance) from Ancient History right up to the for fronts of Science. I am immensely interested in Astrophysics, so they might be quite a few of them. This Odyssey we embark upon is not as great as its namesake “The Odyssey” by homer.  but hopefully it will be on par with its sense of wonder at the world that is out there (in literature anyway)




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