It all started a few years back, with an impulse buy at an airport, as i had forgotten to pack a book for the trip. 4 hours later, by the time the plane had landed i was hooker on Clive Cussler.

For me all it took was an intriguing blurb on the back for me to say ill take it. But it was because of the story inside (Arctic Drift) that has kept me returning back to Clive many a time. I now have over 30 of his books and he is definitely in my top 5 authors

His books for the most part are broken up into series based on the Protagonist. There is the Dirt Pitt series of 22 books so far, all of which i have enjoyed. NUMA Files consisting of 12 books, as well as the Oregon Files (9 books), The Isaac Bell Adventures (8 books), and the Fargo adventures (6 books) the later 3 series of which  i have not.  It was the 20th book (Arctic Drift) in the Dirt Pitt series that got me hooked on the author. In the Dirk Pitt series of novels there are the occasional crossover with characters from other novels, such as with Kurt Austin, the protagonist from the NUMA Files series of books. So naturally since i was hooked on the author once i finished the Dirt Pitt series i started off on the NUMA Files series, as i had really liked the main protagonist Kurt Austin each time he appeared in the other series

Prior to the start of this blog, i had read the first 6 books in the series hence why i’m starting from the 7th book now. Each book is a standalone story with minimal carryover to the next aside from an odd comment here or there. Or perhaps a change in title as someone is promoted. Kurt Austin is the head of the NUMA (National Underwater and Marine Agency) special assignments team. On a side note, Ironically NUMA started of as a fictitious organisation within the Dirk Pitt series. However later on the author actually founded a real life NUMA which helps discover numerous wrecks mainly of ships of an American nationality.  Kurt’s role in the Special assignments team normally sees him and his team take on the toughest assignments in the most dangerous areas. How do people working for NUMA  who are engaged in oceanic research become involved in so many evil schemes or plots? i think this here is a strength of his writing. By making realistic choices by the characters and events believable. You don’t question or even notice how quickly the characters are brought into the plot. The 7th Book in this series, starts off the same as all his other books. With his trademark link to some historical event which as always resurfaces and has some significance later on. From the moment i start reading i’m wondering how will the plight of a bronze age sailing ship, fit in with modern events and characters, who deal with the theft of items from the Baghdad Museum. Suddenly one item that is rescued from this theft, is drawing far too much attention and after repeated attempts on its theft again the reader is ultimately lead on a journey to find king Solomon’s mines. Surprisingly along the way we draw in some historical people of well renown to add some depth to the story. long deceased presidents, secrets societies it seems everyone has had a hand at trying to find the lost king Solomon’s mines

The concept that i enjoy most about his novels, is there is always a touch of reality in them. whether it be it be an historical event or a modern one, It forms a basis for his story which he then adds on to. And how could i not mention the kind of James bond/Indiana Jones like Protagonist, which keeps you saying, oh just one more chapter tonight…..

From the standpoint of an adventure novel, i’d say it be 4 out of 5 stars. However from the NUMA files series point of view id say it be only a 3.5 out of 5. Mainly due to the fact that as i have read and shared the journey of this character through many novels i find the way he is swept up into the events of this particular story to be slightly dubious and a little far fetched, when compared to previous adventures. That being said it is still a great read filled with many twists and turns and quite alot of surprises along the way. Which ever way you see it, i have already bought the next few books in the series and they are slowly working there way to the top of my “to read” pile


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