I know the age old adage of Don’t judge a book by its cover, so when i first saw this book and on its cover under the title it said, Reality TV 2083, I Initially wanted to throw the book away. Reality TV has to be the dullest most uneducated rubbish that graces our TV sets. So naturally my thoughts went down the line of, Reality TV is rubbish so a book about reality TV must be rubbish too. In hindsight boy was i right! but some better part of me said no don’t judge it, see whats its like so i bought it. Such a mistake i made, i should of judged it and then quickly discarded it! or better yet i should of stuck with my system of deciding what book to buy and not strayed in the first place.

Normally when choosing a book of an author i have not read before, If its from an actual physical book store(not many of them left), its normally the title or cover that gets my attention, I then go and read the blurb on the back.Good blurb, i buy it. Bad blurb or No blurb, then i put the book straight back down its game over for that book.. I really dislike books which just have one sentence comments from authors or magazines on the back. If you can’t write me a blurb about your story then in my view, it must be a really bad story and i wont get tricked into buying a book with no blurb based on its cover. Have you noticed many books with no blurb on the back describing the plot also have really catchy covers to grab your attention?. 

Thus shows the advantage of buying online – there is always a description of what it is about, so there is no misconception. So my trouble began when i was invited to a super secret Booktopia.com.au sale. They were moving warehouses and so sent out emails inviting people to attend a special $1 book sale so they could clear out excess or damaged stock. Anyway i was keen to see what bargains i could buy. I was quite surprised when i got there at how big the place was. There was row after row of book. They were broken up into genres of course but there was no organization or order in each genre, just books on a shelf randomly. 

There was quite a large number of people here, so there was a lot of squeezing past each other or reaching over someone to grab a book. So i simply picked a genre and started moving my way through it, following my method of reviewing the cover then blurb. I picked up pretty much each book and reviewed it. After 15 minutes i realized this just wouldn’t work. there were just far too many books and far too many people there. If memory serves me there were about 20 rows, each about 10 meters long with 3 shelves and some books on the ground in boxes. In most cases there was only one copy of a book, so i realized if i didn’t move fast i could miss out on some good bargains. On the top of the shelves were boxes so i grabbed one and started moving down the isles. On my first lap of all the isles which took over an hour, i just solely looked for authors i knew, checked if i already had the book or not and put it in my box. Along the way if i saw a book that had a catchy title or cover i just threw it in the box as well. Once this first lap was done i did another slower lap to  review the books i passed over before. The amount of books available had decreased by about half by this time. After an hour and half had passed i had finished. I had a box full of books and arms straining from carrying the box all that time. All in all i picked up 35 books for $62 so i was quite pleased and i did end up getting some real gems in there. 

On my first run when looking for specific authors, if i saw a catchy title or cover i took it. So when i saw Surviving Antarctica written on the spine of a book i got a little bit curious. I had just returned a few weeks prior to this sale from a trip to Antarctica. so i was still on a bit of a buzz in regards to anything Antarctica related. So even after seeing the subscript of Reality TV 2083 written under the title i still took the book. What a mistake. if only i had turned it over and read the blurb! 

Five teens are contestants on a reality show to re-create the doomed 1912 attempt to reach the pole. What  load of hogwash. That blurb alone should of scared me away but i did not read it. When i got home and started unpacking my box of reading goodness, imagine the sour taste in my mouth when i read that blurb. That book went straight to the bottom of the reading pile.So finally after ignoring the book for sometime, I finally decided to read it, no point in owning a book if you don’t read it, perhaps it got better. Boy was i wrong. The contestants are 14 years old, and alone with no adults in Antarctica. If that wasn’t hard enough to swallow the premise is that the US economy has collapsed, schools were closed and kids are now educated by watching TV. Laws were passed enforcing how many hours they need to watch per week and College admission or university as we call it here. is done by chance. At the end of school kids are called out by name, a number is randomly chosen and the kid must roll 2 dice, if they match the number they get in. i almost laughed at how bad it all sounds. The premise was so bad and so unbelievable i just couldn’t really get into the book. At times i just found my eyes just glossing over the pages and then realized i hadn’t read the last few and have to flick back a few pages and start again.

Finally somehow i got through this book and if my fellow train passengers that day saw a man crying with a book in his hands, its because he just realized the hours of his life he just lost reading this rubbish. The inside back page says this was her first book, i pray that she does not write anymore

On reflection, some learning’s came out of this. which can be used as a warning to others

Always review what you are buying

Always read the blurb

Always trust your instincts

and Always judge a book by its cover!





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