I’m not sure about other people but occasionally when i discuss books with some people they mention they are reading several. For a long time this confused me, as i had tried it a couple of times and for the most part i always confused characters and plot lines especially if it is a thriller/crime novel trying to recall events from the appropriate book just became to much of an effort. So i never really tried to repeat this task. but i know people who read up to 3 books at a time. I enjoy picking up a book and just fully immersing myself in it until it is over.Sometimes when i’m  reading a non-fiction book ill come across a fact or event and want to know more than the book explains so ill jump on Google. This became rather difficult to do as most of my reading is done on the train to and from work each day. i really hate utilizing my phone to search online for information, aside from the obvious issue that it drains my battery too quickly, the screen is too small its not good for viewing graphs or pictures. So needless to say the amount of non-fiction books in my to read pile started growing. Simple solution read them at home, yes that might sound an easy solution but i dont really have much time at home as progress at home is slower as i have much more distractions in my house and don’t really get bored. but low and behold it works since the genre are so far removed there is no confusion when reading a non-fiction book about science and reading a fictional story

This book Antimatter by Frank close, i picked up at the super secret Booktopia $1 booksale. I read the blurb and took it straight away. This book deals with the entire history of antimatter, from the very origins of a theory of its existence, to its discover right up to now with us making it in particle accelerators. Surprisingly it was quite an interesting read, i thought i knew quite a bit about antimatter but turns out there was a whole world of stuff i didn’t know. 

The author does a great job of dispelling rumors We have all heard them (and thanks to Dan brown’s Angles and Demons – seen or read about them) there is a whole chapter dedicated to explain why an antimatter bomb just wouldn’t work and cant be made. Turns out at our current rate of production of antimatter particles for us to make enough to weigh a gram would take centuries let alone the fact that we cant keep the particles trapped for that long with out them coming into contact with something and annihilating.

This book was a great informative read, and fortunately was written in a way that doesn’t make it come across as a text book. if you are curious about antimatter and not sure where fact or fiction is definitely grab this book. I’m glad i did.

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