Nothing bugs me more than watching a movie that ends in a cliffhanger. or leaves itself open for a sequel but doesn’t make one. So when i saw Battlefield earth and how at the end we see a hint that some Psychlo survive, i was furious. However in hindsight they actually did plan a sequel hence that ending however its poor box office performance killed that idea.

Needless to say i was curious as to what was suppose to happy next. Not really curious enough to go out and look for the book but still curious. Eventually i had a craving for some sci-fi novels so when looking only for some good Sci-fi i saw this and straight away thought back to that movie and wondered what happens next.

To begin with this novel starts out kinda like the movie, then after time events start to change. Not really big changes but noticeable. which to be honest should come as no surprise, since what movie adapted from a book ever turns out the same. To be honest the book and the action that entails is much more realistic. The movie has humans using planes that have stood idle for a 1000 years and yet magically work as soon as they turn them on. (pretty sure the fuel would break down, let alone the components of the plane) So i was much happy with the plot and events in the book.

This book was over 1000 pages, so i was quite surprised to find that the “ending” of the movie occurs around page 430 but by this point i was so engrossed in the book i just kept plowing through it. Most times when reading on the train, there is a battle of wits between my desire to see what happens to the characters in the book im reading and my desire to sleep. Most times sleep wins. However for some reason this book refused to leave my thoughts. I “needed” to see what happened next.

As i continued past the “ending” of the movie the story got more bizarre, well actual it was more the scope of the story expanded. More races and planets were brought into the narrative and the whole time we were left thinking what happened to the Psychlo home world?

Essentially we don’t find that answer till pretty much the end of the book. However as strange and bizarre as the second half of this books narrative was. It had one thing i like, closure, every single thread from the story is wrapt up by the end. This sense of completeness thankfully dulls the the thoughts of what the heck just happened? The second half of this novel the plot just accelerates and events are so close together there was a time where i had to back track my reading just to get a sense of what was occurring

when all is said and done, i did like and enjoy reading this book. Is it a book i could pick up and read again? No. The books scope just increases exponentially in the last few hundred pages and i just feel that really takes away from the story of human survival.

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