I am a huge fan of Clive Cussler, i may sound like a kid for saying it but i really do like his adventure novels. Every single one, no matter which series it belongs to always built upon the same structure. Starts with a historical story that doesn’t impact on the main story line till the last quarter of the book. Like for instance, this book starts out with the plight of a world war 2 ship sailing the Indian ocean. Then the story returns to the present and we are left wondering how does this old ship fit into the picture? Then comes the big Ah Ha moment and we discover the connection.

The fact that the plot of each of his novels has some basis in reality and uses up to date scientific knowledge definitely helps the process. for instance this novel deals with nanobot and nanotechnology. there are others involving zero point energy, carbon sequestration and Climate change.

I had seen Clive has released two new books this year, so i thought i better get up to date and finish this series. Everyone loves a good James bond style story with a megalomaniac trying to take over the world and these sure fit the cake. Several of his books have a sort of alternative history approach. San Fran earthquake was man made, Abraham Lincoln wasn’t assassinated, Atlantis exists and is in Antarctica, This kind of plot has made me pick a an alternative history book or two, mainly by harry turtledove.

Clive remains in my top 5 Authors i have over 30 of his books and he has written over 50 so i still have much more reading to do

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