Sad to say i am one of those people who never read the books till after i had seen the movie. I just never had an overwhelming desire to read them. The movie itself was ok but then that put me in a weird situation. As is always the case the movie is different from the books (granted at that time i didn’t know this) So awhile back i actually finally got around to reading the first book and as i mentioned in an early post the book finishes its story part way through the movie. This confused and intrigued me. Google showed me the error of my ways and that there were 4 more books in the series. Found them at quite a good bargain as well.

The Restaurant at the end of the universe pretty much starts off right where the first one ended, it is pretty much close in tone with the original book but the later books go off on such a tangent it is hard to recognize what is going on. Sometimes i’m finding myself having to flick back pages to rediscover what the heck just happened. The books involve time travel, splitting our adventures off into different groups and stories. parallel universes, multiple earths my mind almost implodes trying to keep track of it all but sadly somewhere along the way it stopped being fun to read the books and just became a chore, as in i must finish this book, not i want to finish this book.

The later books bizarre and changing story lines is what lost me, If not for the humour throughout the books i may well of just stopped reading them altogether. I really think the books lost something along the way. I cant quite put my finger on it but that flair and pizzazz is gone.

The books do fall short of their predecessor to the point i feel the series was better on its own with one book than with these subsequent ones.

i just simply didn’t enjoy them

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