I am a bad reader, i judge and choose books based on their covers allot of the time. Obviously there are issues with this approach, mainly i might miss out on some good stories because of one lame cover. If a cover looks lovey dovey it has zero chance of being picked up. Granted i don’t always choose books this way but for the most part when in a physical book store i do. Needless to say had i not been a Clive Cussler fan anyway seeing the opera house exploding on this cover would definitely made me pick it up. Much to my dismay i later discovered the opera house does not explode but just has a speedboat crash into its stairs

Now this book is the 11th book in the Kurt Austen series which means we are at the point where we need to have just a little bit of a suspension of belief and just accept the fact that 11 times these characters have been involved with megalomaniacs trying to take over the world. Ok so maybe i exaggerated that last part, they aren’t all megalomaniacs for instance this one is about a scientist seeking revenge and causing earthquakes against the countries that wronged him and killed his family but that kinda falls into the megalomaniac category in my opinion

Clive keeps up to date with the latest discoveries and scientific advancements and using them in many of his stories, for this one the key part of its plot if the concept of zero point energy. While not exactly a new concept it has been around for awhile now it is interesting to see him link this with some historical aspects aswell

For me i love the adventure genre, im just a big kid at heart and that’s why i keep reading these stories. but as i said before the story on its own is fantastic but when you look at the fact this is now the 11th time these characters have been in the wrong place at the wrong time it becomes a bit of a stretch of the imagination….

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