When i first saw this book it was back when i was going through a Bigfoot craze i had watched several movies, most of them horror and seen a few documentaries about the mythical Bigfoot. Now i’m not a believer in Bigfoot or the yeti but i find the idea of the unknown quite intriguing. So when i read the blurb describing the climbers being stalked up a mountain i thought this might be good. Having never read anything by this author i grabbed the book solely based on my preconceptions from reading the blurb

The Story goes. its 1924 and George Mallory and Sandy Irvine have disappeared (yes its based on a true historical event) in their Everest summit attempt. The following year 3 climbers set out on a rescue / recover mission to find them. Funded by the Lady Bromley who lost her son the same year on the mountain, they set out to discover what happened. The team is joined by the cousin of the missing Bromley man and a team of sherpas. But as they climb the mountain they find they are being pursued…..

The book does take a very long time to set itself up. the blurb suggests the story is in fact about the being pursued up the mountain but that doesn’t start till like page 500, all of the beginning of the book is set aside for discussion on climbing equipment and what the men will use, interviews with witnesses to try and gather information on where exactly were the missing men last seen. I found this part very hard to go through. The the sudden introduction of some NAZIS got my attention. however it continued to be just discussion and alleged plot building.

Finally we get to the good part, when our climbers discover they are being pursued. Boy was this part of the book well written, i just couldn’t put the book down i had to know what was happening, as the camps below them kept being destroyed and they had to climb higher and higher you could feel the tension and fear rising.

Aside from the very long set up of this book the back half was quite an enjoyable read, oh and did i mention NAZIS. that really captured my attention when they joined the story. Needless to say the second half of this book was a great read filled with mystery, drama and suspense never knew what was going to happened after they climbed the next ledge. i will have to keep an eye out for more works by Dan simmons

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