Star wars literature is in as bit of a quandary at the moment. See anything set in the time frame after Return of the Jedi is now what they call a “Legacy” story meaning its no longer canon as the new trilogy will overwrite that. Fortunately for me i haven’t read anything set after Jedi. I’ve mainly read old republic and clone wars era stuff

The last star wars book i read was Darth Plagueis also by James Luceno which was a great read. I kept thinking this is like the Mein kampf of the star wars universe. How the emperor came to be and what his plans are, That was a fantastic read. So the expectations were high for this one, plus its author James Luceno has written some pretty awesome star wars stories before. Sadly i was disappointed from the get go, been waiting ages for a decent star wars read and this arrives and its only 288 pages, that’s like young adult story length.  How can they spit out a good story in only 288 pages, granted we don’t have to do too much back story since we know these characters but still 288  pages??
So anyway i put aside my distate of its page length and sunk into it, ultimately this book is how Tarkin became the first Grand Moff, gives us a little insight into who he is, where he grew up and how he met  good old Palpatine before he was emperor. We even found out Palpatine’s first name – Sheev kinda weird and not what i thought but oh well and we see the events that lead Tarkin from just a guy running a secret construction project for the empire (namely the death star) to becoming a Grand Moff and overseeing an entire portion of the galaxy.

It is an interesting insight into how things came to be for episode 4 A New Hope, i really did like the whole Vader / Tarkin relationship. Vader having worked with Tarkin back when he was still Anakin but of course not telling Tarkin that, as Vaders identiy is a secret and Tarkin wary of their working relationship begins to suspect Vader is in fact Anakin. it was a good but brief read and a nice return into the star wars universe for me as always James Luceno does a fantastic job of engaging the reader with his storytelling, i look forward to James’s next outing into the Star Wars universe hopefully with a bit more page length…..

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