Everyone loves a good apocalyptic story, you know a story that follows that last few men and women alive as they try to survive. But these days all apocalyptic stories seem to be the same – Zombies. The books blurb didnt specify what the cause of this doom was just that the world ended. For me reading that I straight away hoped its some kind of disease, if it was zombies they would of said so and that wouldn’t of been such an original choice.  sadly i was wrong turns out it was zombies. And these days isnt every apocalyptic story about zombies. You really have to think outside the square to make a zombie story different or unique. But there wasn’t too much different about these zombies luckily the story more dealt with the human elements between the survivors.

I was enjoying the rivalry and tension between the survivors and the story was going well until towards the end when the writer must of forgot to take his crazy meds because the story just shot of on a tangent. To be honest it kinda lost me at that point

The story had alot of promise as it stuck with the more human side of things and the zombies were just in the background but the ending part of the book kinda killed it. And the actual end pissed me off.

I hate stories that dont conclude and are just left hanging. A poor ending really sours the whole book. For the whole book if you are going to keep having the characters talk about getting home then surely that should be the ending? If not then why have them talk about it

And another thing I like details you can’t just tell me oh the world ended. I need to know how. For me I need the complete picture I cant just focus on a tiny aspect. Better to leave something out than mention half a story.

Still I did like and feel for these characters they felt more than just two dimensions and that does win back some kudos for the author probably even enough for me to read another of his works

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