After discovering this author by his novel “The great China zoo”. I added one of his other books to my wishlist to check out one day. I have a bit of a soft spot for the Great White Land having spent some tine there and i tend to grab any book I see about it or with a story set there.

Turns out this book is the start of a series based on its lead character who has a call sign “Scarecrow”. So the story in this one is that a research crew discover something buried deep under the ice. But then the group that discovers it mysteriously dies. The remaining station staff send out a radio message telling of their find and asking for help. Due to the unique nature of Antarctica, namely no one owning anything down there. the race is on to secure it. An American marine squad arrives with our lead character on the scene to find a French group there and the British soon arrive all have kill on sight orders.

Quite a fast paced and clever story, really enjoyed it. Quite a good bit of character development as well.

The author does stretch the plausibility a bit on some aspects of this story but I am thankful he keeps the plot routed in solid every day themes. The inclusion of a super secret military organization does raise my interest and now knowing this is the start of a series I woukd be very much interested to see how this pans out in following books

Great read by an aussie author who continues to climb up my favourite author list I have already picked oit a few more of his books to get my hands on soon

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