The books blurb was quite mysterious and didnt reveal too much but it said just enough to grab my attention

We the reader are drawn into a world far into the future and it is so far removed from what we know. The setting is all over the solar system. From a moving city on Mercury that moves on train tracks to keep it ahead of the sunrise to avoid its deadly power. To bases on Mars, Venus, the moons of Jupiter even to hollowed out asteroids. But the one thing tying it all together was Earth we never spent too long away from there but it was quite a different Earth.

Still there were nations and wars but the sea levels had rose massively due to polar ice melt. We had massive animal extinctions but the biggest difference was us. Through genetic modification we could live to 200 had computers in planted into us that we could talk to but the biggest difference was there were essentially now 4 genders.

All these changes aside we are still left with a compelling story. Some of the technological creations that are in this book are beyond a marvel the fact that all of this came from the head of one science fiction author is astounding

Kim has created such a fantastic world for this story to take place in, its shows he had put a tremendous effort into research for this book

I will definitely be looking into more of his works

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