I am a bit impulsive  when it comes to books. I have a to-read list of about 80 books on my shelf waiting to be read and a  wishlist of about 90 books at the moment. I use bookdepository.com a UK based website which offers free worldwide shipping  and yet it is still cheaper than any Aussie based sites and far cheaper than going into a physical  bookstore. So anytime  i see or hear of a book i might like i add it to my wishlist and each week i buy a few books
So naturally when i find an author i really like their books get pushed through my wish list and get put to the top of my to-read pile.  Such is the case with the Scarecrow series by Matthew Reilly. First encountered him with the Great China Zoo then came across Ice Station after that i bought the entire series of Scarecrow straight  away.
Area 7 is the second book in this series. And follows on after the events of ice station. Here we find our hero stuck essentially  on Marine One. The helicopter for the President of the United States  That way he is out of the way and cant be reached by the media about his adventures in Antarctica (the previous novel Ice Station) A rouge Military General, hijacks a secret base the president is visiting and then sends in troops to try and kill the president.
This author knows what his readers want. For some reason in the back of each of his books there are interviews. Cant say i have ever seen this in other books so i don’t normally read that stuff but i failed to bring a second book for the train ride one day so once i finished this book i read the interview. Anyway in there was a quote from the author saying he doesn’t let character development get in the way of a good story. Man that just made my day. Lets be honest we are all 12 year olds at heart and we love explosions and action and adventure and if the story contains a small enough assortment of characters we can remember them by name so then we don’t need to waste time on character  development  just get to the action
And this book didn’t mess about, very quickly we were thrown  into the action and it didn’t let up till the end. Definitely  a good ride and keen to see where the next book  takes us. Once again Matt has delivered another no holds bar fast paced action story. Don’t think ill be reading much else but Matthew Reilly for anytime soon

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