I had picked this book up with a few others based around the holocaust and prison camps.  Wasn’t so much a desire to learn more about what happened in  there, we hear enough about that but it was more an interest into what a man goes through emotionally to deal with and get through it.

Much like my above comment the book doesn’t describe too much about what happens in there as the author states  there is plenty of info out there about that. The author takes us through his mental state of mind and how he deals with and gets through his incarceration

We are led to believe its pure chance on who survives  the camps but it is as much their mental attitude and holding on to hope/a reason to live that gets men through this.

The author presents  his idea that the meaning of life is to help others find meaning in theirs. He then follows up this idea in The second half of the book  which i found a bore and quite a chore to get through as it was dedicated  to explaining  his psychiatric  approach of logotherapy

Quite a powerful read well the first half is anyway.  And does make you think if people in camps with what appear nothing to live for can still help each other and show kindness. Why cant we in the modern world still do the same.

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