Really in an action genre mood so i just had to pick up the next  in the scarecrow series.  This one picks up a year after the last novel and we find our hero has got a bounty on his head along with 14 other individuals

A far more meatier and lengthier story this time around even got some main characters being killed off. The author has really tried to step it up a notch in terms of speed and action packed.  The story is non stop, with at times multiple stories  happening in several locations

A highlight for me is that on the cover a quote  is seen comparing scarecrow to James Bond and Dirk Pitt. Two of my favorite action heros.

But as the author has raised the stakes and expectations  with each novel in this series i wonder how long can this happen will he plateau out and just release more of the same novels or will he try something different next time. Well it wont take me long to find out i have already bought the next one in the series and it is sitting  here on my desk staring at me as i type this

This author just keeps going  from strength  to strength and the fact that he is an aussie aswell continues to draw me back

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