I may not of been a huge fan of the author and her requirement that all of her stories feature a prominent  love story. But  i did like the plot and the originality of the story so naturally  i wanted to follow it to its conclusion.

My opinion of this author hasn’t changed for better or for worse. This book like its predecessor is packed  full of a love story between two characters which towards the end kinda overshadows the events around it and i think that some what diminishes  it to the point that it is actually  a sub plot

This opinion was further cemented by the fact the actual  conclusion of the now relegated sub plot of them fighting for their freedom gets wrapt up in just 3 pages.While this high school like love story gets concluded over 8 pages.

Truth be told i actually liked the main character  when reading the first book but over the course of this one i began to dislike her and started to route for the antagonists Regardless of the fact the author did a great job of creating this world, I’m glad the story is now over so i can continue on my quest for a female author who doesn’t require  a love story be a plot.

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