This latest adventure from one of my favourite authors is written with another author and i’m never 100% sure on what this means. Does it mean two people sat and discussed plot and brainstormed to get this story or was it one person told the other an outline of a story and plot and the other wrote it. Either way the author takes our heroes Kurt and Joe from Madagascar to North Korea. So it has some interesting locations. The plot starts with Kurt attempting to rescue some people from a sinking yacht, he believes he sees an old flame of his. Yet he is knocked out and the yacht sinks. Soon it becomes clear that his memory of the whole situation is a bit hazy and so he is determined to find out what happened. This takes him into the world of cyber crime

i have mixed feelings about this one, the antagonist is just out to cyber attack banks. Like serious who likes banks damn greedy corporations and the fact that he wants to rob them doesn’t really concern me. Then we later find out about brain implants that cause specific amnesia and i find it hard to hold on to the realism

Don’t get me wrong the action sequencing is great, the relationship and rapport between main characters is great as always buy just this plot was a bit far fetched and fantasy

and this brings me to another point i’m yet to find a good cyber-crime story. I always feel these stories seem to lack a certain level of emotion as the antagonist doesn’t normally meet people but are in an office or compound doing the work from afar

i think this lack of contact with people and interaction really hurts a story. So yeah this probably isn’t one of his best novels in my opinion

Hopefully he redeems himself with the next one but at this point there is no news on him writing another one.

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