Quite a different  read. This book is based from the point of view of an historian living in 2393 looking back on the 20th-21st centuries  and the lead up to some drastic  climate changes.
The authors do a good job of using hindsight to highlight how greedy capitalism is and how stupid the nay Sayers are for saying climate change isn’t happening even when its right in your face.
I have always felt that the naysayers are like a frog in boiling water. Put a frog in hot water and it jumps out. But put a frog in cold water and slowly heat it the frog boils to death. And the nay sayers are those frogs
An interesting  point in the book is how it essentially  has the historian as Chinese person as they are one of the only nations that were  minimally  affected and reacted best to the changes.  Authors even postulate that it was a result of its government type – communism that it survived the drastic changes
Good read that gives some food for thought and makes you reflect on your views on the topic

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