Another story following the adventures of our hero Shane (scarecrow) Schofield. After his previous adventures the French  have a rather large bounty on his head and after several failed attempts on his life the marines decide to assign him to a nice remote location out of harms way. The Arctic Circle. We find Scarecrow with a few marines and some scientists testing new cold weather gear.
Nearby on an old Russian base all hell breaks loose. A resupply run finds the base over run with terrorists. Whats worse is the base holds a Russian doomsday weapon. This weapon spews forth a highly combustible gas into the atmosphere which spreads via the jet stream. Once it has spread far enough  a specially designed missile is fired  into the gas cloud to ignite it . Essentially causing the atmosphere to be set on fire. And we find out the terrorists have been sending forth the gas for many weeks now.
With only hours remaining till missile launch scarecrow rally’s his group and goes to the rescue. What follows is a pretty  high paced action story due to the time restraint. I don’t know whether its because the author is Aussie, and so we have the same sense of humour but i literally found myself smiling or laughing out loud at allot of the jokes or one liners. This normally doesn’t happen in books as most American authors  use rather lame or “dad jokes” i guess this really highlights cultural differences.  I wonder what the Americans think of our sense of humor.
Anyway being the 5th outing for this character we spend  i little time getting to know the new team and whats has happened since the last book. But then its straight  on action packed  till the end.
Great twist and interesting resolution  to the story. Even know this is the 5th book in the series it is a great stand alone story as well. Hopefully he writes some more adventures for our hero but i think ill start on his other books. Really liking  his writing style and occasional humour. And the author owns a DeLorean how cool is that. He seems to be a big scifi geek at heart.

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