Harlan’s latest stand alone is something a bit different. An organization goes around confronting or sometimes blackmailing  people about secrets from their past, sometimes even threatening to reveal them and ruin their lives.
How do they find out these secrets and what is their end goal. These key questions are not revealed till halfway through which leaves the reader guessing about what is going on.
After confronting Adam about the secret  from his wife’s past. His wife disappears. Are the two related or is it all just a big coincidence then his wife who is still missing is accused of stealing from local sporting club. Then people start getting murder, it all leaves the reader scrambling to try and figure out what is going on
Harlan has a tendency to throw a big twist into his stories. So as i was reading and waiting for the twist to hit i began to suspect what was really going on. I didnt  want to stop reading as i wanted to follow it through but then i also didnt want to continue as i guessed how it was going to end. Ahh the dilema.
Needless to say it was a great ride and i think thats what marks a good story. If at some point you just cant put the book down you have to continue reading and find out whats going on. It means you have a great book
While not his best work that doesnt mean it wasnt great

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