Bit of a techno thriller but luckily not too much techno babel. Set in a future where the polar ice has melted sea levels rose and coastal cities are underwater. A corporation had set out to fix the issue by launching tiny mirrors into the upper atmosphere to reflect away sunlight  and cool the earth  enough for polar ice to form again.
This sounds good but countries try to stop it from happening. there’s navel blockades, secret agents and suddenly a nuke has been smuggled into  the polar region and its revealed  why everyone wants to try and stop it. Its been turned into a weapon using the power of light to melt its target – which now makes it just like the weapon from James bond – die another day.
And thrown  into the middle of all this is a polar customs agent who accidently  discovers the nuke and sets off a chain off events leading to the ultimate confrontation
Quite  a good paced read, dealing with modern themes and i hear the author has written another story  with some of these characters mights have to track that one down aswell

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