Star Wars Lords of the Sith – Paul S. Kemp

Star Wars Lords of the Sith – Paul S. Kemp
Star Wars novels that are set between the movies come in two types, you have the type where it expands the mythos revealing more information about the characters and events or perhaps fills in the time line between the movies. These are great novels as they add to the overall universe of Star Wars.
Then there is the type which is merely a side story which leaves the characters as they are since they are needed in later films but really adds nothing as a whole merely gives them a nice adventure but then at the end of it nothing has changed as a whole, this a disappointment
It is sad to say this novel falls into the later, here we have an adventure where no important characters die and little character development occurs. In the end it matters not if this story happens or not as nothing that occurs in it affects the wider universe. The only saving grace for this novel is we get to see the emperor flex some of his powers that alone saves this novel
While it was a rather short and inconsequential story it does little to satisfy my Star Wars craving, i guess i will just have to wait till Star wars Aftermath is released this septeber

The Chimera Vector – Nathan M Farrugia

The Chimera Vector – Nathan M Farrugia
Strange story how i picked up this book. I have a Goodreads account and awhile back after i smashed through like 5 Matthew Reily books and updated my list on there, i received an email from from a random person telling me he sees i like Matthew Reily novels and tells me he is an author and an Aussie as-well and writes books very similar to Matthew and would i like a free copy of an ebook of his. I’m not a fan of ebooks i prefer the tactile sensations of holding a book and turning pages not to mention the smell and lets not forget how good does a full bookshelf look in a home let alone 4 full ones. So i managed to score myself a signed paperback instead
This  is the first time that has happened to me. I wonder if this is a strategy used by some authors  to get their work out there.
Either way i’m not one to refuse a personal recommendation so i jumped straight into it. I was optimistic as not only does he say he loves reading  Matthew Reily books (my new favorite  Aussie author) but he works are very similar. Plus he is an Aussie as well so my patriotic pride compelled me him a go
Sadly i was disappointed, i just found the premise  a bit hard to swallow. A secret group that runs all the world governments, creates terrorist groups to focus us our attention elsewhere and genetically enhanced soldiers in our day and age
It read more like a CONSPIRACY nuts fantasy than a book, The whole genetically enhanced super soldiers in our day and age was what made it difficult to swallow. especially considering some of their super powers.
I will be a bit more wary next time someine offers me a free book on goodreads