The Dog Stars – Peter Heller

The Dog Stars – Peter Heller
The world has changed some kind of super bug wipes out most of the population leaving small pockets of survivors. We pick our story up about 10 years after this event. Our character hig has been living at an small rural airport. He has another survivor with him bangley. To call him a friend would be too strong but they know they need each other for survival. And hig has his beloved dog jasper what more could a man need
They have established quite a life here with gardening and hunts for deer and fishing . But life is still a challenge, hig sleeps in a barn with direct line of sight to a house as bandits still trouble them. So he leaves a light on at the house which gives the impression someone is home. And with walkie-talkie he contacts bangley who takes out the intruders
Hig is fortunate to be a pilot as well and takes Aerial patrols and on one of these patrols a few years ago he heard a signal. Could it be there are survivors out there? he hasnt heard anything since.
After the death of his beloved dog he has had enough of this life and decides to fly past the point of no return (fuel wise) and find that signal that he heard many years ago
What follows is a story about hope and fears, as hig ventures into the unknown in search of answers and will he find a way back to his airport life.
Such a fantastic read, really captures the essence of the desolation/loneliness of this future world. And shows that no matter how much the world falls apart companionship whether its man and dog or another human. Thats what gets you through the tough times
Big positive is that it is one of a few post apocalyptic stories that there are no zombies in! !!!

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August – Claire Norton

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August – Claire Norton

Wow where do i begin with this book, such a fantastic and original story. Not only does the concept of this plot amaze me but incidentally i have finally found the illusive female author who doesn’t ruin her story by feeling the need to make a love story a major plot line.

Harry has a unique gift in that when he dies, he is reborn is his own body and relives his life over but the catch is he remembers EVERYTHING from his previous life. Can you imagine what you would do in this situation? Soon he meets others of his kind and starts to understand his situation. He soon joins a club of similar people who he finds can communicate backwards in time. For example when a member dies they then find the club when they are a kid and pass the message on to the oldest member who when they die finds the club in their time and passes the message likewise onto its oldest member. The same is true for passing messages forward in time.

But soon scary messages are being sent back of future club members being killed off or simply not being born at all and it is up to harry to get to the bottom of this and save the world.

Some brilliantly thought out concepts in this story, a very much well thought out plot and a main character who you really feel for. I am still now stunned by how awesome this story was.

If the mind of Claire can come up with this story, i very much look forward to seeing what else she can create