Wow where do i begin with this book, such a fantastic and original story. Not only does the concept of this plot amaze me but incidentally i have finally found the illusive female author who doesn’t ruin her story by feeling the need to make a love story a major plot line.

Harry has a unique gift in that when he dies, he is reborn is his own body and relives his life over but the catch is he remembers EVERYTHING from his previous life. Can you imagine what you would do in this situation? Soon he meets others of his kind and starts to understand his situation. He soon joins a club of similar people who he finds can communicate backwards in time. For example when a member dies they then find the club when they are a kid and pass the message on to the oldest member who when they die finds the club in their time and passes the message likewise onto its oldest member. The same is true for passing messages forward in time.

But soon scary messages are being sent back of future club members being killed off or simply not being born at all and it is up to harry to get to the bottom of this and save the world.

Some brilliantly thought out concepts in this story, a very much well thought out plot and a main character who you really feel for. I am still now stunned by how awesome this story was.

If the mind of Claire can come up with this story, i very much look forward to seeing what else she can create

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