I picked this up not just because of the cool cover but because i’m a fan of some of the authors other works. However i found out quite quickly this book inst quite in the same vein as his others
Here we have a story of Dave an alcoholic, womanizing, almost divorcee who works on an oil rig. Dealing with a major hangover he is being flown back to the rig after enjoying some time off.
When he gets to the rig he finds it under attack by orcs ( for the lack of a better word). They are actually called the Hunn but the description pretty much matches any fantasy story’s Orc. And in the process of killing his first orc which turns out to be the leader he somehow gets that’s orcs memories and gets turned into a super hero.
Don’t laugh, i’m not joking that’s what happens. Now he is thrust into the spotlight due to his powers gaining quite a media spotlight but when the orcs come back for more what will Dave do.
As weird as it sounds its actually a great read. Quite different from his other works but still worth it. In fact it’s the start of a series so i have already bought the next 2

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