Just couldn’t put down the previous book in this series, so i thought there was no point mucking around and dived right into the next one. The story picks up pretty much right after the previous one with Dave still coming to terms with his new superhero status. Monsters and orcs are nothing compared to his next foe….. a divorce lawyer. With the world under attack with multiple sites of Orc attacking cities, his wife still finds time to get a divorce lawyer. i guess thats a priority for some people. but before Dave can deal with that situation he is called upon to help break a siege

The orcs are camped outside of Omaha but aren’t attacking they wish to negotiate? Military commanders just want to decimate the group of orcs just sitting out in the open, but their leaders are curious as to what the orcs want. On a separate note these military commanders aren’t as gung-ho as i thought they would be. they seem quite rational. and on a separate even more puzzling note it is mentioned that China asked the US to nuke a city under attack by Orcs. Doesn’t china have nukes? why would they get the US to do it. No surprise the US is happy to abligde

Everything is complicated further when Dragons start popping up. well not really dragons they have some other name but essentially a dragon. they even take down the Vice presidents plane. Its another great read with lots of humour no thanks to Dave’s new lawyer who not only deals with the divorce issue, but smashes out movie deals and and arranges dinner with brad pit to discuss the role.

Going to jump straight into the next one for sure

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