Since i found out the author wrote these books at the same time, it stands to reason i should read them at the same time. The story flows from one book directly into the next. i was initially worried that this book would wrap up the series and that would be the end. which would be a shame as i have really enjoyed this story. As funny as it seems i really like the main character Dave, Don’t get me wrong he is a womanizing lowlife who should treat his wife better.but i think its something about how he isn’t the perfect hero, he is just an ordinary man with ordinary problems and suddenly becoming a superhero doesn’t wash them away

Dave screws up big time and allows a high level Government agent to get captured, The Hunn (they are pretty much orcs) then use his knowledge to launch an attack on civilian populations around the world. In New York Dave finds another like him a Russian spy who’s magical weapon is a samurai sword. As the Hunn’s tactics get smarter Dave begins to understand their goal. Realizing his family is in trouble he heads off to save them with his superhero friend in tow

The battle that follows as he tries to save his family has quite a surprising conclusion and it really leaves the door open for more Dave Hooper books well at least i hope so!

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