Quite an interesting read, The author instead of shouting from the rooftops that the sky was falling or in this case that the planet was heating up. Does something a little different. She talks about 12 different animals that are extinct and links their causes to modern issues.
She goes further to show how we might very well be on the cusp of another big extinction quite possibly accelerated due to man. Now this isn’t something i haven’t heard before, in fact i have read a few papers and books about this. But this is probably the first i’ve read structured in such a way.
For instance we hear of the mammoth and other mega fauna which were allegedly wiped out by early man in both north America and Australia. We hear of the rhino and the Panamanian golden frog which are disappearing like flies, we learn of the dilemma faced by bats in North America being wiped out by a fungus.
We are given a thorough understanding on the causes of the previous 5 extinction events and given a history on the topic as well.  I didn’t expect the book to be that informative and expected it to read more like a text book. but it just didn’t feel that way. it really did feel like a collection of 12 stories  integrated by the theme of extinction.
From rising temperature, increasing acidity in the oceans and diseases being spread by the movement of man. This book covers it all. Definitely a must for someone looking to grab a better understanding of what is happening to the world around us

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