Another great Matthew Reilly novel here. In fact this was his first every story, no one wanted to publish it so he had to do it himself – not an easy thing. Then a publisher saw his book in a book store and boom the rest is history. This story really sets the tone for his later novels. Its non stop action, what would later become a signature of Matthew.
We find ourselves following Dr Stephen swain, who gets teleported along with his daughter into the national history museum in New York. There he is throw into a millennium old contest by which participants from 7 different worlds a forced to fight to the death. Yes i said teleport and yes i said other worlds – it is most definitely a sci fi story after all.
What follows is a fast paced adventure as he outwits his adversarys on mostly luck . This story really shows what Matthew is about, fast paced non stop action, there are no budget restraints with a book unlike a movie and so the action can just keep being raised.
This book is literally a “i cant put it down” story, mainly because there are no natural pauses in the action in which you would normally put it down.  Considering he was only 19 and fresh out of high school when he wrote this, it still stands-up extremely well against his later stories
Definately well worth a read, as long as you don’t mind some out there sci fi

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