What i have come to love about Matthew Reilly novels is the pace. Its just non stop action. This story even more so than his previous works, as we have 2 story lines. Both pumping at breakneck speeds. Firstly we have the story of a Spanish monk during the conquest of the Incas. He gets caught up with an Incan prince trying to evade capture and hide a priceless relic from the Spaniards and then in modern times we have the story of William Race, racing against time to find the final resting place of the relic as it can be used as power-source for a special nuke.

The hidden treasure part of this story really reminds me of some Clive Cussler novels. For the most part I love the backstory put into this story bar one exception. The author states the distant planetary system the meteor that the relic is made from came from. How could he possibly know this? I understand if the meteor is spotted in the sky to some extent we can calculate its trajectory but this meteor crashed hundreds of years ago how could they know where it came from? this concept just doesn’t sit well with me
Bar this over sight its another great read by Matthew and quite a lengthy one at that.

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