I have read several of these Holocaust novels and i don’t mean to take away anything from these survivors but they are all pretty much the same. They all deal with the same issues of maintaining hope or giving up and withering away. So why do i read them? My grandfather was in a concentration camp for several years and i read these books to understand how his life was during this time. He flat out refuses to speak of it. Granted he wasn’t a Jew but merely a ‘Russian” prisoner. Well technically he is Ukrainian but back then he was classed as Russian. So he didn’t have that fear of the gas chambers but still life wasn’t easy. Books like these don’t offer anything new and are pretty much always written by Jewish survivors. But what they do offer me is a connection and an insight into the life of my grandfather from a dark chapter of his life he doesn’t wish to speak off. I read these books in the hope that one day i might find one that speaks of the camp “Dachau” he was interred in and to catch that glimpse into that life for a moment.

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