I have mixed feelings about this novel. I was lead to believe these novels would fill the void between episode 6 and 7 and yet after reading it i walk away knowing nothing more than i did earlier. There is only one key piece of information to come out of this. One paragraph at the end drops a hint about someone who was thought to be dead but isn’t. quite vague i know it was so small it could of easily been a tweet.

The Novel is pretty much a natural follow up to episode 6. Just like anything in the real world. if an organisation lost its top leadership they would regroup and determine a new leader. That’s what we find here. Several high ranking Imperials meet up on the plant Akiva to discuss what to do next and who should lead them. I felt this plot was quite logical

Naturally Rebels find out about the meeting and so begins an adventure. Sadly the down side to this story was. It had no main characters from the films in it. We had some brief lines from Mon Mothma and General “it’s a trap” Ackbar. But the biggest part was probably Wedge Antillies. I just felt without any main star wars characters the story was really missing out on something,

It is part 1 of a trilogy so ill be interested in seeing how the story evolves, perhaps some of these characters will feature in episode 7, which would make me think better of this novel

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