I have a frustrating tendency lately to pick up books which are parts of trilogies that havent been finished. Unbeknowst to me at the time of course, its kinda frustraing to get to the end of a book that you have been really enjoying and as you approach it, you say to yourself how will he wrap this up. Then it finishes and you find out you have to wait for the author to write part two and three. I hate waiting, i was the kid who stuck downstairs at christmas carefully unwrapped his christmas presents to see what he got and then wrap them back up. In fact it gets worst, there was one time i got a boxset of the 3 original robocop movies, i watched two of them then wrapt it back up, just in time for the morning festivities. Thats bad i know, but anyway back to this book. This book blends a good mix of sci fi with life in the mid west, frontier style. Third generation settlers on mars have developed small communities, they each keep to themselves and there is no contact between communities or earth. LIfe is that of isolation. Think of this as Little house on the Martian Praire, if anyone gets that refference. There are rumours that have drifted down from the original settlers of Martians but everyone thought it was just nonsense stories from old ladies, the kind to scare kids. That was untill people start going missing. First its the town drunk, then someones kid, but soon Lora’s Grandma and father go missing, Then Lora sees the Martians and after a chance encounter with a friendly one sets of on an adventure with her family to escape the coming Martians. What follows is an amazing journey across an unforgiving and unfamiliar landscape what she and her family discover at the end aside from a giant plot hole makes them rethink their entire existence on Mars.

Such a great read, it really captures the imagination with the view of frontier life on Mars. Good to see a strong willed female protagonist. If you over look the giant plot hole (read technology being used well before its invented) its a great read. Eager to grab parts two and three whenever they are ready

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