There is something to be said about the excitement you feel when you hear one of your favourite authors is releasing a new book. Clive does have several different series going and i am a fan of and only read 2 of these series so far. As a result, for the last few years anytime he releases a new one, I’ve got it day one.
So when i saw a post on his Facebook page of the new book coming soon, i was straight to to pre-order it.
While many of his stories have similar themes (they are action stories after all) i do still enjoy them. This book was no exception. In this story the bad guy has found a way to hold several North African governments hostage and primed for a coup, allow his less than scrupulous friends to take over. well that’s his plan anyway. Fortunately our heroes accidentally get drawn in and prevent it.These books are much like James bond movies, Most feature a new baddie doing what baddies do and our hero saves the day.
I always do like how clive includes a little bit of history into all his stories. Another great read by clive and keen for the next one

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