Quite an informative read. We are taken for a walk through the life of the famous Genghis khan. From a nobody to the greatest commander ever. The man conquered more lands than any other and his empire was larger than all before him.
Unlike other conquerors he didn’t just bring pain and suffering but religious freedom, ended slavery, built economies,  and developed cultures. Then knowing his end was near he tried to ensure his death wouldn’t cause the end of his empire, tried to ensure his sons honored his wishes, They didn’t
After his death it wasn’t until 40 years later that the empire stabilized under kublai khan and extended to its furthest. The legacy left over wasn’t revered as it should be but tarnished and discredited by so many to the point that they were spoken of like scum, if one had a sick child it was said to be a mongoloid (essentially Mongolian) as a kid i even remember using that term as an insult to my sister, but to find out it was used by Europeans to mask their hatred of the Mongolians because of their conquest, Was like a blow hitting me i had no idea of the terms backstory
This and other revelations is what i found remarkable about this book. It is so true in our biased society that history is written by the Victors but that just makes it even more amazing when the truth comes through.

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