Axis of Time Trilogy – John Birmingham

Axis of Time Trilogy – John Birmingham

Who hasn’t wondered about theoretical what ifs. What if Hitler got into The Academy of Fine Arts as a youth, would he still of got into politics? What if JFK changed his route that day?  So when you see movies like The Final Countdown, you think its going to be awesome but it just doesn’t live up to it since they fail to destroy the Japaneses (they want to preserve the timeline).

I had previously dabbled in some alternate history works by Harry Turtledove in his “Days of Infamy” duology in which the Japanese follow up Pearl Harbour bombing with a land invasion too.  Then i heard of the Axis of Time trilogy (which is now more than 3) in which a multinational task force from the year 2021 is sent back to the battle of midway (by accident). They are stuck in the past, as soon as i read that i was yes, shit is going to get messed up and changed. So i had to get them.

It great from the get go, The multinational task force had a Japanese ship in it so when the midway fleet see that they attack and are pretty much destroyed by the future ships. From that point on history is completely changed. Its worse because some of the fleets ships are missing. Did they travel back?  If so where or who has them, because some had nukes on board.

John crafts an amazing universe here with 1940s tech trying to adapt and jump forward to 2021. We see huge leaps in tech, Generals in WW2 using Ipads but more interestingly, John does a fantastic job of bringing to the front cultural issues too. Us civilized countries take it for granted that our armed forces are made up of both men and women and people of many colours but 1940s is far different. There are some massive issues in 1940 of people taking orders from women captains and “coloured” captains. I feel john does an amazing job of capturing this racist attitude. I know back then they didn’t see it as that but in today’s world that is exactly what it is, racist. This series covers the time frame of world war 2 which to no surprise finishes earlier in this new time line.

There are numerous comic moments for example Prince Harry was serving in the fleet that got sent back, so he gets to meet his grandparents before they were married and the royal succession line goes into a panic trying to adapt. Stalin loves hosting Tarantino marathons!

While this Trilogy deals just with ww2 John has continued this universe in some ebooks but set 10 years later. This series has really cemented john as one of my top 5 authors. Doesn’t hurt that he is an Aussie too, even though he is from Queensland.

Hurricane Fever – Tobias S. Buckell

Hurricane Fever – Tobias S. Buckell
Awhile back i read a book called Arctic Rising and after adding it to my bookshelf on Goodreads i noticed it was part if a series. Goodreads had another book listed as Arctic Rising #2. So i’m like cool ill grab it, having really enjoyed the world set up in Arctic Rising.
However the story only follows ONE character from the original and not even the main character. Once that disappointment subsided i did enjoy the book, the suspense of a looming hurricane and the desire to solve the mystery of who killed his friend before it hits was real and palpable. His friends death was just the beginning and is now tangled in something far worse.
I didn’t expect the book to end as sudden as it did. Really felt more could of been added to it. Still thinking back to the world established in the first book.  I wouldn’t mind another book from this series if the author feels like writing another

What Remains Of Me – Alison Gaylin

What Remains Of Me – Alison Gaylin
One of my favourite authors tweeted a new book being published. I don’t know if he was contractually obliged to do it, or if he even knew the author. But he made a tweet and said i should read it, So i did
Cheapest version i could find was a $34 paperback. Like what the heck, $34 bucks for a paperback, what a joke. But i bought it anyway. Turns out it was a large font book. Didn’t even know this was a thing, While the book size wasn’t much bigger than others, the font was huge and so had less lines per page. Made me feel like i was reading a kids book.
I did like the story in that she had flashbacks to her youth in 1980 and then events in the current time of 2010. With chapters alternating between the two times and both moving forward was interesting to follow as the pieces to the story came together.Some parts were obvious, why does an author always write a troubled teen, means an abused teen. Think that train of thought is over used these days. So i guessed straight away there was some abuse involved. The careful wording characters used to describe douchebag 1 (We will call him that to not spoil the book) made it obvious to me as the reader he was a kiddy toucher. The twists and double twists were still great as i was putting the picture together.
Though since many of the main characters were female, at times i just couldn’t understand their thought process or why they were behaving in a certain way. I really did enjoy the book. Definitely another great female author i will be keeping my eye on.

100 we finally made it.

100 we finally made it.

So I finally passed 100 books, well 100 books on here anyway. 100 seems like a nice round number to stop and look back on what I have read so fargenres

For me it came as no surprise that Sci-Fi makes up almost half. I am a big Sci-Fi fan but it bugs me that it doesn’t get a lot of recognition, it always those damn romance novels winning awards etc. Fantasy is probably a little exaggerated 6 of those were lord of the rings and other Tolkien works. I read these ever year, but I don’t like to get into any other Fantasy worlds. I feel the works of Tolkien and George R.R. Martin, really raise the bar quite high in terms of historical depth to their worlds and stand alone novels cant quite reach that on their own, hence my general avoidance of them. Tolkien really set the standard to me for Elves and dwarves and I find other Fantasy works a mockery of these as they always try to establish “their” version of elves or dwarves.

Non-fiction had a few bios in there, even though i’m not a huge bio fan. I’d rather live my own life than read about someone else’s. However they weren’t your usual bios. 3096 days was the story of a woman kidnapped for 3096 days, so not your usual celebrity bio


Before some asks why the total is 101, one book was co-authored by a male and a female so I made that as 1 point each.I really need to push myself to find more female authors but it is hard to find ones that don’t add a love story to their works. Perhaps its the publisher that always puts the love story in the blurb. Good chance if it wasn’t mentioned on the blurb id grab the book. 4 of the 11 were non-fiction and the remaining 7, 4 had big love story plots but the remaining 3 were simply amazing books. The Bees, and The fifteen lives of harry august, I just couldn’t put them down. In fact the 4 female author books I loved were all suggested to me, so I definitely need to take note of peoples suggestions more often

For these 100, my top 5 would have to be