So I finally passed 100 books, well 100 books on here anyway. 100 seems like a nice round number to stop and look back on what I have read so fargenres

For me it came as no surprise that Sci-Fi makes up almost half. I am a big Sci-Fi fan but it bugs me that it doesn’t get a lot of recognition, it always those damn romance novels winning awards etc. Fantasy is probably a little exaggerated 6 of those were lord of the rings and other Tolkien works. I read these ever year, but I don’t like to get into any other Fantasy worlds. I feel the works of Tolkien and George R.R. Martin, really raise the bar quite high in terms of historical depth to their worlds and stand alone novels cant quite reach that on their own, hence my general avoidance of them. Tolkien really set the standard to me for Elves and dwarves and I find other Fantasy works a mockery of these as they always try to establish “their” version of elves or dwarves.

Non-fiction had a few bios in there, even though i’m not a huge bio fan. I’d rather live my own life than read about someone else’s. However they weren’t your usual bios. 3096 days was the story of a woman kidnapped for 3096 days, so not your usual celebrity bio


Before some asks why the total is 101, one book was co-authored by a male and a female so I made that as 1 point each.I really need to push myself to find more female authors but it is hard to find ones that don’t add a love story to their works. Perhaps its the publisher that always puts the love story in the blurb. Good chance if it wasn’t mentioned on the blurb id grab the book. 4 of the 11 were non-fiction and the remaining 7, 4 had big love story plots but the remaining 3 were simply amazing books. The Bees, and The fifteen lives of harry august, I just couldn’t put them down. In fact the 4 female author books I loved were all suggested to me, so I definitely need to take note of peoples suggestions more often

For these 100, my top 5 would have to be







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