One of my favourite authors tweeted a new book being published. I don’t know if he was contractually obliged to do it, or if he even knew the author. But he made a tweet and said i should read it, So i did
Cheapest version i could find was a $34 paperback. Like what the heck, $34 bucks for a paperback, what a joke. But i bought it anyway. Turns out it was a large font book. Didn’t even know this was a thing, While the book size wasn’t much bigger than others, the font was huge and so had less lines per page. Made me feel like i was reading a kids book.
I did like the story in that she had flashbacks to her youth in 1980 and then events in the current time of 2010. With chapters alternating between the two times and both moving forward was interesting to follow as the pieces to the story came together.Some parts were obvious, why does an author always write a troubled teen, means an abused teen. Think that train of thought is over used these days. So i guessed straight away there was some abuse involved. The careful wording characters used to describe douchebag 1 (We will call him that to not spoil the book) made it obvious to me as the reader he was a kiddy toucher. The twists and double twists were still great as i was putting the picture together.
Though since many of the main characters were female, at times i just couldn’t understand their thought process or why they were behaving in a certain way. I really did enjoy the book. Definitely another great female author i will be keeping my eye on.

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