Been a fan of Coben for a few years now and each time he releases a new book i grab it day one. Here we have another great thriller with twists and turns right up until the end.
Maya is a war veteran who seems to have a bit of PTSD going on. Her world falls apart when her husband is killed. Now a single mum, she is fiercely protective of her daughter and so a friend trying to help buys her a nanny cam so she can watch her daughter when she is with the nanny.
One day reviewing footage she sees something that cant be real, she refuses to accept it, but the evidence is there in front of her. Her dead husband is on the footage…..
What happens next is a rollercoaster ride that leads us to a shocking ending.
This book is great, not just from having a female protagonist but also for dealing with PTSD. Harlan goes on to thank and acknowledge the many veterans he has spoken with in regarding to dealing with PTSD. I thought that was a nice addition
A definite must have for the thriller lovers out there

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