Vostok – By Steve Alten

Vostok is the sequel to the loch, which in turn was a spin off from the Meg series. This book is a crossover story with the characters from the Loch returning but also involving the main characters from the Meg series as well. This book is also a prequel to the 5th book in the Meg series.

The sad reality is this book was so bad I think i’ll be breaking my mantra of always finishing a series I start. It was so bad I cant even bring myself to keep it on my bookshelf. The book starts off not too bad and based on the real world. Follows on from the discovery of a lake underneath Antarctica (lake Vostok is actually real) The main character from the Loch is called in to go down and explore this lake and see what is down there. Everything continues on much like any adventure novel but then halfway its like the author had a stroke and everything changes.

We go from exploring a underground lake to dealing with aliens and time travel abilities, like what?  I can only image the author went on an acid trip halfway through writing this. Nothing can explain the so sudden and abrupt change in story, the pace, theme and concept is just thrown out the window so the author can go on a conspiracy nut job wet dream exposition of secret governments and aliens in collusion with them.  Even now as I sit here writing this I cant even understand how his publisher agreed to print this. Its was so bad, and not like a “B” grade movie, where they are so bad its good, this was so bad its bad. If there could be a surgery where I can remove the memories of me reading this book I would do it in a heart beat. I just cant explain enough just how crazy and messed up this book was. If anyone out there even considers buying this book all i can suggest is rip it in half, the first half is good,  The second half can be used as toilet paper.
All I wanted was a nice “scary sea monster” read. I most certainly did not in any way want the acid trip of  gobbledegook that this book turned into

Steve Alten you are now barred from my bookshelves, please don’t write any more books until you get checked out by a doctor

Stalin’s Hammer: Cairo – John Birmingham

Stalin’s Hammer: Cairo – John Birmingham
Part 2 of the ebook trilogy for Axis of Time series, follows straight on from Part 1 (Rome). Here we find ourselves still trying to piece together what is happening with the Soviets. Why there is so much focus on a scientist in Cairo for a talk.Will all be revealed in the soon to release Part 3 Paris.
Loving these brief returns to the world created in Axis of Time. Cant wait for Part 3 but i’m still not liking this whole ebook trend. I understand this author is in disputes with some Publishers so has chosen the self-publish ebook route for these books, but the concern is why are they always so short? There seems to be a real trend of publishers wanting shorter stories to fuel the ebook market. Aiming at people with short attention spans or busy schedules who don’t have lots of time to be able to read. Instead of releasing these ebooks as 3 small 100 page books, we not combine them into a proper sized book of 300 pages?
I need the big epics, i love my Tom Clancy or George R.R. Martin massive tomes. I pretty much won’t buy a book if its under 300 pages, i only grabbed these ebooks because it was the only way to continue the story that was established in the first trilogy. That being said i have my fingers crossed that they will be released in physical book one day so i can delete this damn kindle app for good.
Physical books for the win!!!!

Twenty Trillion Leagues Under The Sea – Adam Roberts

Twenty Trillion Leagues Under The Sea – Adam Roberts

I always did like the original 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. Especially when i first read it as a kid, the sense of wonder it evoked helped cement my love of Sci-fi. So when i saw this sitting on a shelf and that it was a re-imaging i thought id give it a go. Turns out this was actually less a re-imaging and more of a sequel(Which should of rang alarm bells in my head). A sequel that for the most part comes off as some kind of Hunter S Thompson drug fueled dream sequence.

For a majority of the story i was left unsure of what was really going on, was this some kind of dream? Was this an Episode of the TV show “Lost” Surely this plot had to come from the mind of someone on some kind of pharmaceutical concoction. There were some brief glimpses of normalcy when a familiar character appears, however it turns out nothing is normal and their take on this character clearly had to be a result of some kind of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Towards the end an attempt at a explanation is made as to what is really occurring however by this point the characters had become so unbelievable  i just wanted to throw the book away. I’m yet to abandon a book, though this did come close. Finally i pushed through to the disappointing yet reliving ending. Disappointing in that it resolved nothing and left me with questions but a relief in the fact that this horrible story was over. I have no idea what spawned the decision to write this book but it was complete and udder rubbish. Next time Adam Roberts goes on a drug fueled bender i suggests he sticks to watching TV like normal pot heads rather than try and Re-image another Sci-Fi classic