Star Wars Ahsoka -E. K. Johnston


This was a great little story,  with the character of Ahsoka, first introduced in the clone wars cartoon but that there is the problem, the character is in a CARTOON not really a source of entertainment for adults and sadly Disney seems content in only making it’s non-movie material for kids.

There’s plenty of young adult and children’s books, the Rebels cartoon series but for an adult there is nothing but the main movies and the occasion sub par movie tie in book. Its as if Disney doesn’t care that adults like star wars

Which makes a dilemma for those not interested in children’s entertainment but want more Star Wars. This book is set after Episode 3 and the massacre of the jedi. Originally introduced as Anakin Skywalkers apprentice, Ahsoka was framed for a crime and left the jedi order when no one believed her innocence and that is when she left the Clone Wars series. She recently reappeared in the Rebels cartoon but we have no knowledge of what happened between the two series which is about 15 years

The story picks up after the fall of the Jedi and we find her in hiding, just trying to survive. After arriving on a planet she begrudgingly befriends some locals and finally starts to fit in when her past comes back to haunt her and she must choose to either run away or stand and fight. Great story that fills in the gaps between her appearances on the clone wars cartoon and in star wars rebels, with many flashback scenes taking us to past events as well. The events in this book help shape her and make her decision to return the fight

Odessa Sea – Clive Cussler


Picking up a book by your favourite author is like sliding into a warm bed in winter or that first sip of beer on a hot Australian summer day, its just fantastic. Speaking of which it is 42 ° C   (or 107 F) to you crazy yanks.

Another solid entry into the Dirk Pitt series (its number 24 by the way) It ha been 2 years since out last adventure with these heroes and after the first few pages it feels like no time has passed at all. With the introduction of his long lost kids a few books back they pretty much are in all the books now and its sticks to the same formula, the kids have one plot and Pitt has another but by the end it turns out they are intertwined. This is normally done well but this time each plot for me just felt forced, like they each could have been their own book since the connection wasn’t that strong at all, each could function without the other.

It was however refreshing to see that the crew on the NUMA vessel’s which normally are treated like red shirts from star trek (ie canon fodder) were actually treated like people for once and not just killed off.

I do like how his books always seem to include some real life event in them kind of ties them down to a specific time frame. For this one we deal with the Russian invasion and take over of the Crimea Peninsula
With his multitude of series running and it is no surprise that sometimes things feel “familiar” but that doesn’t deter you from enjoying the ride. Bring on book #25

The Art Forger – B.A. Shapiro

The Art Forger – B.A. Shapiro
Under normal circumstances i would never pick up a book to do with Art, I just don’t find the subject matter interesting. There is just something about Art that turns a normal person into some pompus doofus. Walking around acting superior to others. Hell I’ve seen it first hand, a good mate from high school somehow becomes drawn into the world of art, he starts speaking different. He feels literature, film, music are all inferior to art and those that don’t agree with him a less cultured.  This coming from the guy who challenged me to a race to chug a half litre bottle of maple syrup. But anyway i kept this perception of art people going for many years.
Anyway that’s enough of my coloured view of the art world now onto how i picked up this book.  A friend of mine shared an instagram pic that caught my attention a few months ago. It was of a book wrapped in brown paper with string and it had the themes of the book written down the side. I thought how cool was that. Its from a site called on this site you pick a genre or theme and you get sent a random book. There motto is “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Which is rather the polar opposite of how i choose a new author. I searched  through the site it had allot of weird and unappealing themes. Like 1930’s Hollywood or African Fantasy. But i was in the mood for a thriller so i choose that option. A few days later this magnificently wrapped book with string and tag arrived i was quite excited on the paper wrap the themes were listed
Ingeniously  Plotted
Literary Thriller
Foolish choices
I was thinking yes just what i wanted but then i saw the last two
Fine art
Love and painting
At this point i was loosing that excitement, i then unwrapped the book. The book was about an artist who earns a living copying paintings(legitimately). One day she is delivered a painting believed stolen many years earlier and enters a deal to copy it for a one woman show at a gallery. As she begins her research before she paints she comes to believe that the painting that was stolen is actually a forgery
Naturally it got placed at the bottom of my to read pile. Which at this stage is getting close to 100 books. I really need to read faster or stop buying so many books, oh the dilemma!
A few months past and i really wanted to try my luck with that website again but before i do i felt i should at least read that book.
As is almost always the case the female author inserts a love story into the book, i was glad it was rather brief so it didn’t detract from the plot too much. It bored me whenever the characters were talking about art or art galleries however the plot i liked, it kept me  engaged. That’s what i like about thrillers the twists trying to figure it out before the character does.
And this book had that, it did give me a peak into the art world and to no surprise the characters act exactly as i would stereotypical believe, pompus and superior. but the author really has done some research into this topic, her knowledge of forgery techniques really stunned me and that level of knowledge really made up for the the love story line i was forced to endure.
Did i like this book? surprisingly yes considering it had the two most hated themes of mine, art and love/romance, would i read another like this one? No, i think the chances of finding a book as cleverly crafted as this one and with only brief forays into a love/romance story is quite small
But on the other hand i think picked the perfect book for this themes. I thoroughly recommend you all to visit and give that site a go.