Havana Storm – Clive Cussler (Dirk Pitt Series #23)

Havana Storm – Clive Cussler (Dirk Pitt Series #23)
The one thing about this series i like is that you get to see the characters evolve and change. In the Dirk Pitt series we have seen him lose the love of his life, years later find out she survived and had twins, He eventually meets his kids and ends up getting them to work with him. We have followed his on and off again romance with loren and eventually see them marry and we see him progress to be head of his organisation( NUMA). I think this level of character growth is what keeps me coming back for more even though you would think we would be running out of stories for this guy but no not yet
Clive mangers to squeeze out another story for his legends of Dirk Pitt and Al Giordino. but i feel this is something all adventure series must deal with after some time, how after 23 stories can you continue to make it seem real and believable that these people keep getting embroiled in this situations. Naturally a parent would do anything for their kid so having his kids lives at risk kinda made it a tad more believable that a director of a company would go out into harms way himself but it still makes me cringe to think he has now dealt with 23 megalomaniacs essentially trying to take over the world or at least their country – that’s gotta be a Guinness world record or something
The story was pretty good, a post Castro power struggle to get the presidency of Cuba , which involves undersea mining and a trade agreement with a fellow communist country. Then the side story with the kids of chasing down an Incan treasure that was last seen on the warship USS Maine sunk in Havana harbour
Not sure if the author remembers plot lines because he has written over 50 books but he has written an Incan treasure story before in the book Inca gold which had the same characters in it, So the side story did feel a bit like a repeat. The similarities didn’t end there, that other story also had an object sunk in Havana harbour, these duplication’s aside the author always writes a good story that’s compelling and grabs your attention.
I have about 34 of his books (23 from the Dirk Pitt series and 11 from the Kurt Austen) in fact here is still one book in the Kurt Austen series i haven’t read yet. The Dirk Pitt series has been going for over 40 years now as the first book was released in 1973. with that in mind and the fact that this latest story had some repetitive plot lines, i cant help but feel that maybe its time for these characters to retire….. 40 years and 23 books is along time – how many more megalomaniacs trying to take over the world can there be?