3096 Days – Natascha Kampusch

3096 Days – Natascha Kampusch

Such a remarkable story of overcoming inconceivable odds, 2nd March 1998, ten-year-old Natascha Kampusch is grabbed off the street by a stranger, thrown into a van and hidden from the world for 8 years (3096 days to be precise),The mind boggles at what it must be like to go through such an ordeal. Yet fortunately a few years after her escape she works up the courage to put her ordeal down on paper.

She starts be going over her difficult childhood, which not to undermine her story isn’t that too dissimilar from many kids from broken families. We eventually get to the day of abduction where lowlife Wolfgang Priklopil kidnaps her of the street and imprisons her in a tiny 5 square metre dungeon. Naturally she is able to describe in quite good detail what the dungeon is like and all one can think of while reading this, is that he had to of planned something like this for quite some time to have so much hidden below ground.

What follows is a story of her abuse and torment which is never ending and the mental hardships she endures. Instead of listing all the abuse she goes through, which for a read would be quite repetitive, she instead makes the story about what she does mentally to cope with it all. She is brave enough to discuss the opportunities she had for escape and her inability to follow through on those. and is able to talk quite freely about her mental state of mind in regards to her kidnapper.

She choosing to remain silent of the level of sexual abuse as she feels some things need to remain private for her, yet she gives us glimpses at the abuses she received with a few excerpts from her diary. Finally through determination and strong mental processes she is able to seize an opportunity to escape and is returned to the world.

This story just shows what someone can do to overcome insurmountable odds, naturally a bit of research afterwards (she does briefly touch on this in the book) shows sadly how judgmental our society is, and how quick we are to label. but nonetheless this is a great story of the human spirit

Afterwards the reader is left with a strong feeling that if a little ten year old with the right mind set can over come this, then as adults we can achieve and overcome anything