The God Delusion – Richard Dawkins

The God Delusion – Richard Dawkins
In today’s day and age it is so hard to have a real discussion about religion. We have as a society evolved (well devolved since its going backwards) to lash out when people want to discuss certain topics.
In the media the left wing nanny state fascists, instead of having discussions on the issue just throw around words like racist and bigots or commence in slanderous attacks rather than discuss the issue but this is just childish. We seem to have lost the ability to have a respectful talk on key issues with someone of an opposing point of view. Is it because we have become a race of keyboard warriors who lash out at anything they don’t agree with? or are people becoming so brainwashed they don’t know why they hold a point of view so they cant argue it? or worse still they are told they are not allowed to.
This book does a wonderful job of highlighting this very issue. How religion has turned into a topic that people don’t want to discuss and just react violently to who ever brings it up. Which is the very opposite of what the major religions preach.
Its a great read for someone who has an open mind and doesn’t run off and bury their head in the sand when a topic is broached they don’t like.

The Man Who Broke Into Auschwitz – Denis Avey

The Man Who Broke Into Auschwitz – Denis Avey

We live in a different time now, we have become numb to violence and hatred. We fear speaking out because the left wing nanny state fascists will accuse you of being a racist or intolerant.

This story serves to remind us of a time when people risked death to save another and didn’t give it a second thought, a time when people saw something was wrong and knew something had to be done to let others know what occurred. A far cry from today’s generation who only care for themselves (and their votes at the next election). All life is equal and it is only through the fallacies that are religion, Supremacy ideology and elitism that we seem to forget this. This story is a horrible insight into a difficult and appalling time but one that still offers a glimpse at the enduring human spirit.

What Denis did for a stranger is beyond words, but shows us what we were once made of. This story is even more emotional as not only are we given a glimpse into what occurred but we also follow the journey of Denis as years later, he discovers the consequences as a results from his actions.

A brilliant and emotional read….

The Dog Stars – Peter Heller

The Dog Stars – Peter Heller
The world has changed some kind of super bug wipes out most of the population leaving small pockets of survivors. We pick our story up about 10 years after this event. Our character hig has been living at an small rural airport. He has another survivor with him bangley. To call him a friend would be too strong but they know they need each other for survival. And hig has his beloved dog jasper what more could a man need
They have established quite a life here with gardening and hunts for deer and fishing . But life is still a challenge, hig sleeps in a barn with direct line of sight to a house as bandits still trouble them. So he leaves a light on at the house which gives the impression someone is home. And with walkie-talkie he contacts bangley who takes out the intruders
Hig is fortunate to be a pilot as well and takes Aerial patrols and on one of these patrols a few years ago he heard a signal. Could it be there are survivors out there? he hasnt heard anything since.
After the death of his beloved dog he has had enough of this life and decides to fly past the point of no return (fuel wise) and find that signal that he heard many years ago
What follows is a story about hope and fears, as hig ventures into the unknown in search of answers and will he find a way back to his airport life.
Such a fantastic read, really captures the essence of the desolation/loneliness of this future world. And shows that no matter how much the world falls apart companionship whether its man and dog or another human. Thats what gets you through the tough times
Big positive is that it is one of a few post apocalyptic stories that there are no zombies in! !!!

An Astronaut’s Guide to Life – Chris Hadfield

An Astronaut’s Guide to Life – Chris Hadfield

What boy doesn’t dream of becoming an astronaut when he grows up? For most, like myself that dream doesn’t come to fruition. However Chris tells a different story. He takes us from those first moments of when he saw Neil walk on the moon all the way to life in space. I suppose his journey isnt too different from many astronauts. Tried and true method of becoming a pilot then a test pilot and then moving to the US. but whats different about this story is Chris explains in detail the mental attitudes that got him there. shares numerous funny stories along the way and gives us a real good insight into life of an astronaut such as how to really fix a broken toilet in space and the issues that causes.

Chris did things a little different than other astronauts he tried to share what it was like with as many people as possible via his social media pages. from the sights and sounds of space to making a music video. Chris gives us a rare insight into a world so few get to know.

This was a great read not just to read a bit about what living on a space station is like but also to read just how hard it is to get there. Probably the best read and insight into an astronauts life i have encountered. A must for any bookshelf

3096 Days – Natascha Kampusch

3096 Days – Natascha Kampusch

Such a remarkable story of overcoming inconceivable odds, 2nd March 1998, ten-year-old Natascha Kampusch is grabbed off the street by a stranger, thrown into a van and hidden from the world for 8 years (3096 days to be precise),The mind boggles at what it must be like to go through such an ordeal. Yet fortunately a few years after her escape she works up the courage to put her ordeal down on paper.

She starts be going over her difficult childhood, which not to undermine her story isn’t that too dissimilar from many kids from broken families. We eventually get to the day of abduction where lowlife Wolfgang Priklopil kidnaps her of the street and imprisons her in a tiny 5 square metre dungeon. Naturally she is able to describe in quite good detail what the dungeon is like and all one can think of while reading this, is that he had to of planned something like this for quite some time to have so much hidden below ground.

What follows is a story of her abuse and torment which is never ending and the mental hardships she endures. Instead of listing all the abuse she goes through, which for a read would be quite repetitive, she instead makes the story about what she does mentally to cope with it all. She is brave enough to discuss the opportunities she had for escape and her inability to follow through on those. and is able to talk quite freely about her mental state of mind in regards to her kidnapper.

She choosing to remain silent of the level of sexual abuse as she feels some things need to remain private for her, yet she gives us glimpses at the abuses she received with a few excerpts from her diary. Finally through determination and strong mental processes she is able to seize an opportunity to escape and is returned to the world.

This story just shows what someone can do to overcome insurmountable odds, naturally a bit of research afterwards (she does briefly touch on this in the book) shows sadly how judgmental our society is, and how quick we are to label. but nonetheless this is a great story of the human spirit

Afterwards the reader is left with a strong feeling that if a little ten year old with the right mind set can over come this, then as adults we can achieve and overcome anything