Opening Heaven’s Door – Patricia Pearson

Opening Heaven’s Door – Patricia Pearson

Can’t for the life of me recall how i stumbled upon this book. While i don’t subscribe to the belief of an afterlife, or a heaven or God for that matter. Just because you don’t believe in something doesn’t mean you can’t learn about it and see what leads people to believe in it. After-all Ignorance leads to fear. So i thought why not grab this book and see what all this mumbo jumbo is about.

To start with the Author hits us straight away with the story of the Death of her Father and eventually her sister. As soon as i read these parts i regretted my earlier views saying this was all just mumbo jumbo. The Author shares an intimate time from her family as it deals death and to mock the author just seamed shallow. The book talks about the experience she had with the death of her father and sister and the journey it led her on to discover what she saw.

We are then led on a journey which is essentially just numerous stories of people who have had (in their opinion) glimpses of dead people or messages from beyond. While some people who are small willed and easily jump on the band wagon will say that the fact it has numerous people saying they have seen these images should be enough to convince others. i just simply think of


Lock ness monster


Alien abductions


Plenty of people all say they have seen these as well, do we simply just believe something if multiple people sight it but have no proof?

i think that there is the key point. Just because multiple people believe in something doesn’t make it true. So as i read through these accounts i was left wondering when would we get some scientific insight into these. Fortunately the book started to try to provide these. We begin hearing from Hospice workers who see patients talking to empty air as if someone was standing next to them. But in my mind this isn’t proof.

We then hear from Psychiatrists and Neurologists  who explain what the brain goes through close to death and also explaining how little we really know about the brain. But this still doesn’t meet my requirements of proof.  I think this opinion of mine that everything needs to be quantified and classified probably for the most part made me miss the purpose of this book

Ultimately it was probably naive of me to think there would be any kind of answers in this book. What this book does is share with the reader key moments from peoples lives in which they believe they witness something that changes them forever. All these people after experiencing these moments are left in a state of well being and overall positive outlook on life and isn’t that all that really matters in the end? if it is positive and has a good out come what does it matter if its true or not?