Solomon Creed – Simon Toyne

Solomon Creed – Simon Toyne

A friend suggested this to me, and while normally she is good with her reading suggestions she has bombed out a few times (she sneakily tries to recommend romance novels or stories with a huge romance plot even though i detest those books). For awhile there she was persistently bugging me to read “Kite Runner” to which i have absolutely no interest in reading. So i thought if i give this one a go it might get her off my back for constantly rejecting her previous suggestion. Grabbed it off her shelf and read the blurb on the back, it was enough to pique my interest so i ordered myself a copy. I’m not a big fan of borrowing books.

A lone survivor of an airplane crash in the desert, ooh i liked it already. Set in Redemption, Arizona, The setting conjured up images of the wild west and John Wayne movies. Solomon, the survivor from that plane crash has amnesia and the only thing he can recall is he feels he was suppose to come save a man. The problem is that man just died. His only other clue is a bible in his pocket, with a handwritten message to him from the man he was suppose to save.

What follows is a two pronged story, we follow Solomon as he tries to unravel who he is and why was he suppose to save a man. The other story follows the towns founder and the story of how he came to find a treasure and found the town. How are these two stories related? Many a time i have looked at a map and wondered why on earth did they build that town there. I also wonder why states have a particular border. “how the states got their shapes” was a great read filling that wonder for me. But on a smaller level this story of the towns founder fills that desire for me.

The Book bounces back and forth between the towns founder story and Solomon’s and sometimes it leaves the founders story right on a cliffhanger. Frustrating as it is, it forces you to read a few more chapters until we return to the founders story

I was really digging the story and couldn’t put it down. At one point catching the train home from work, I was so engrossed in the story i hadn’t realized the train i was on had terminated and was sitting at the station for a good 15 minutes (i later determined) before i had noticed.

All was well until as the plot began to reveal itself to the reader in popped something paranormal. I didn’t even notice it at first and then after a moment i click and went back and re read that part, nope that wasn’t some poor description it was a paranormal object. trying to avoid spoilers here. It was so casually put it there, as if to say so what it happens all the time no big deal. i re read the books genres on Goodreads, fiction, mystery,thriller,crime. Yep no paranormal.

So i just dismissed it as a Macguffen to help along the plot but then as it neared the end, in pops another one. Hmm, i finished the book and while the plots wrapped up nicely i was still a little  bothered about the *insert paranormal object* There is an Epilogue and in it there is a bit of character development that throws a spanner into everything which would well and truly shift this book from thriller,mystery,crime deep into fantasy

It is suppose to be the first in a series of books but i’m yet to determine if i will look out for the second one as this book just really didn’t meet my expectations