Artemis – Andy Weir


I was skeptical when I first heard that Andy Weir was writing another book, like how could he back up after the Martian was such an amazing hit. Since we are all expecting another blockbuster do we then run the risk of over hyping this book and then being utterly disappointed once its released? Heck even cover is made to mirror The Martian. Fortunately I managed to convince myself to approach this in a positive light and while I can’t help but make comparisons to The Martian, this on its own, is a fantastic book. I hope they make a movie of it too.

Andy creates a world slightly more removed from our own, than the world established in The Martian. Yet the concept of a moon base isn’t too far fetched to require that much of a stretch of the imagination. Hell, if there was a moon base i’d move there pronto! I liked the character and the strained relationship with her father. Great believable characters and quite factual in terms of launch site location benefits.

Can’t really reveal more without entering spoiler territory but its a great story and
Hopefully Andy keeps the ball rolling and has plans for a 3rd blockbuster already in the works

The Martian – Andy Weir

The Martian – Andy Weir
All of a sudden this book started showing up all over Goodreads and many of the online bookstores i visit, i mean like over the top kinda in you face showing up. I get everyone thinks its a good read but no need to shove it down my throat. Now granted this is a book that i would of picked up and read even if i had never seen it talked about anywhere else. I mean come on a man stranded on Mars, that’s all i read and i’m like i want this book!
Now im not a person that listens or even reads reviews whether its film or book because i have very particular tastes why would some hack sitting in an office be able to tell me if its a good book or film, most critics of movies will talk about cinematography or the score, likewise for books the rave about character building but serious i don’t care about any of that for me all that matters is the story! for that reason alone i ignore all reviews and just read the blurb to find out what its about and make my decision there,
Having read this book i can now see why everyone was so hyped up about it and why i was seeing the book discussed everywhere. it is nothing short of literary gold. i cant specify what it is that gets me so excited about this book, but i found  myself constantly smiling or laughing out loud on the train when reading this, much to the amusement of people sitting near me. Some authors put their characters up on a pedestal and they do nothing wrong and speak entirely appropriate all the time. Nope not here, this character felt real because he spoke like a real person, he used humour when nervous he swore, he cracked jokes. I can probably best showcase this by highlighting a part in the book that just made me laugh. After contact with earth is established the media starts running nightly news bulletins about our lost astronaut friend – Mark. They are discussing with a psychologist what they think would be going through his mind right now trapped on Mars all alone – the book then moves to Marks POV and we see he is thinking about comic books and why Aquaman can control whales when they are mammals not fish. Where the author comes up with this stuff i have no idea.
The book isnt overly technically but it does talk alot about the machinery he uses to stay alive and it is very scientifically accurate. As such i just could not put this book down, well i kinda had to when i got off the train but as soon as i was home again i picked it up and plowed through to the end. After finishing it i just had a big smile on may face not many book can have that affect on me where you really and truly root for the character. I have read that a film adaptation is being filmed right now starting Matt Damon – cant wait for that
I will definately be looking into seeing if Andy has any other works as this is now defiantely one of my all time favourite books