Star Wars Catalyst – James Luceno


This book is sort of a prequel to Rogue One, in which we see the prcoess in how the death star was constructed and the troubles along the way. We follow krennic as he manipulates Galen Orso into helping power the weapon. Outside of being  a prelude to Rogue One it doesn’t really add anything into the mythology of Star Wars.  It is a rather poor story when it stands on its own, plus there are no Jedi in it! It obviously serves as a necessary source of info for Rogue One since that movie introduces a lot of new faces that we have never met and portrays alot of information and back story that can’t be placed into a movies flashback scenes

I just failed to really get hooked by this book, which is disapointing as im a big star wars fan. Further cementing my view that movie tie-ins are never a good idea

Star Wars: Tarkin – James Luceno

Star Wars: Tarkin – James Luceno

Star wars literature is in as bit of a quandary at the moment. See anything set in the time frame after Return of the Jedi is now what they call a “Legacy” story meaning its no longer canon as the new trilogy will overwrite that. Fortunately for me i haven’t read anything set after Jedi. I’ve mainly read old republic and clone wars era stuff

The last star wars book i read was Darth Plagueis also by James Luceno which was a great read. I kept thinking this is like the Mein kampf of the star wars universe. How the emperor came to be and what his plans are, That was a fantastic read. So the expectations were high for this one, plus its author James Luceno has written some pretty awesome star wars stories before. Sadly i was disappointed from the get go, been waiting ages for a decent star wars read and this arrives and its only 288 pages, that’s like young adult story length.  How can they spit out a good story in only 288 pages, granted we don’t have to do too much back story since we know these characters but still 288  pages??
So anyway i put aside my distate of its page length and sunk into it, ultimately this book is how Tarkin became the first Grand Moff, gives us a little insight into who he is, where he grew up and how he met  good old Palpatine before he was emperor. We even found out Palpatine’s first name – Sheev kinda weird and not what i thought but oh well and we see the events that lead Tarkin from just a guy running a secret construction project for the empire (namely the death star) to becoming a Grand Moff and overseeing an entire portion of the galaxy.

It is an interesting insight into how things came to be for episode 4 A New Hope, i really did like the whole Vader / Tarkin relationship. Vader having worked with Tarkin back when he was still Anakin but of course not telling Tarkin that, as Vaders identiy is a secret and Tarkin wary of their working relationship begins to suspect Vader is in fact Anakin. it was a good but brief read and a nice return into the star wars universe for me as always James Luceno does a fantastic job of engaging the reader with his storytelling, i look forward to James’s next outing into the Star Wars universe hopefully with a bit more page length…..